Ethical Rugs

Our rugs are for life

To be enjoyed over a lifetime, our rugs are made to enhance the lives of the people that make them and honour the life of the planet that provides the materials. We aim to give as much as we take in the making of each rug, working towards a better future.
As a partner of Goodweave, we are fully opposed to child labour and ensure that all of our rugs, made by adult artisans, adhere to strict ethical standards.

This initiative offers educational opportunities, rescues child labourers and provides critical services for weaving families. A percentage of the cost for each rug supports Goodweave social programs in India, Nepal or Afghanistan.

If you keep on buying things made by child slaves, you are equally responsible for the perpetration of slavery

Kailash Satyarthi - Founder of Goodweave & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Sustainable Yarn


When you step onto your rug, you can also be assured that not only will it be a one of a kind but also made with a footprint that’s no bigger than before. 

Producing high quality, durable rugs, our selection of yarns are created from sustainably sourced wool or natural materials such as hemp and bamboo, to recycled plastic yarn and discarded fishing nets, turning the tide on oceanic pollution and allowing these negative elements to take on new positivity in the form of your finished piece. 

Our creatively conscious design ethos marries technological innovation with heritage and traditional skill. We welcome you to become a part of this exciting and positive future we’re weaving for the industry and our planet.
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