Bespoke Hand-knotted Rug


The need to escape and experience is at the heart of why people stay in hotels. With every handcrafted rug, we aim to extend this feeling of being somewhere new through design that honours and reflects the story, culture and aesthetic of the space it occupies.

Furnishing both your hotel and your vision, our rugs provide more than physical adornment, being made of ideas and concepts that resonate with the space’s look and feel. 
Bespoke Hotel Rug
During an extensive brainstorming process we’ll pull at the various threads of your hotel’s story until we unravel the route that best expresses both what you want to say and how you want your guests to feel.

Softening the edges of any environment, our rugs invite guests in, providing an immediate sense of comfort. They are a cue to relax as guests cross the threshold from somewhere hard and resistant, into the soft, yielding luxury of a space adorned with Studio Knot’s premium rugs.

Studio Knot add a new layer to our schemes; taking an idea and really enhancing it to create memorable pieces which are completely unique.

Katie Lee - No Chintz
Bespoke Hospitality Rugs

Experience our bespoke service

Embracing a sustainable, bespoke design approach, our studio manages every aspect of rug making from concept to completion.

Developing exciting pieces we align our rugs with your interior vision, often using open brief materials such as architectural plans and scheme concepts as inspiration. 

We work within your timeline and budget, without ever compromising on creativity, quality and durability.
Bespoke Hospitality Rug
Whether you’re fitting every room with wall to wall carpet, dotting the space with a collection of complimentary rugs, or drawing guests’ eyes into the atmosphere and character of your hotel with a one-off, stand-out piece, Studio Knot channels craftsmanship, passion and dedication into every commission.

Like travellers themselves, our rugs are shipped all over the world with the logistics handled by us. All safety standards, such as fire retardancy are adhered to, with our rugs arriving ready to begin a stay at your hotel that we hope will last for many years to come.
Bespoke Commercial Rug
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