Bespoke Hand-knotted Rug

Define the story of your interior

Rugs are comfort and beauty, bound together. They are also stories, woven not just with material, but with narratives, spun from passions, dreams, styles and tastes, that are twisted into the very fabric of our rugs.

These stories will imbue your rug with a quality that transcends the aesthetic, so that when finally rolled out, fits perfectly into its space and becomes something more meaningful and personal.
Bespoke Rugs | Studio Knot

beautifully designed, uniquely sustainable

A beautiful story of sustainability will also be woven into the very foundation of your rug.

Whether it's protecting sheep, safeguarding our artisan weavers, recycling post-consumer waste or even the planting of trees to become carbon negative, our rugs have a number of ethical and sustainability initiatives in place to help protect our fragile planet and the humans we work with.
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