Bespoke Rug Weaving


Your unique rug will has its very own story to tell. A story crafted into chapters with a beginning, middle and when finally rolled out – a beautiful ending.

Intertwining traditional and modern design methods with age old craftsmanship, each rug is a personal journey into creativity experienced by everyone touched by the project.

This is the story of your very own masterpiece.

We love being able our to tell people the amazing story of our rug

Zoe Watkins - Private Client
Story of a rug - Concepting

creating the inspiration and ideas

This is the very start of this exciting and creative story where our imaginations can run wild. Understanding your passions and interior vision is key to developing exciting ideas with a deeper meaning and connection to your project.

This higher-level of artistic freedom and thought will create something truly beautiful and unique.

Our mood boards will form the basis of your design concepts and it is here you will find the initial ideas, any inspiration that’s been gathered, pictures of the room, furnishings, colour palettes and details personal to you and the project.
Rug Samples and Designs

refining the design concepts

Once you are happy with your selected route, we will then develop these initial ideas into a fully-fledged rug design, incorporating the specific requirements of your project.

Using traditional art and modern design techniques combined with the latest rug design software available, we craft and design your rug to create an accurate rendition - knot for knot.

As your bespoke design is progressed, we share ‘virtual’ 2D rug visuals enabling you to understand how the design, colour and texture will all come together.

We can tweak, develop and adjust your rug design so that it works perfectly with your project.
Colour POMS

achieving Colour harmony

Before we send anything to the mill, we’ll take you through our extensive range of over a thousand colour POMS and industry colour samples.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the project where you can fully immerse yourself in colour as we handpick a selection that will complement the chosen palette of your project.

These colours will then be added to our design software where you can see the final visualisation of your rug before it goes for sampling. It’s at this point we can make any final tweaks to make sure the design is perfect.

weaving samples to ensure perfection

The POMS have been picked and the design has been finalised. It’s now time to start the all-important sampling stage.

A large square sample is woven at our mill from a selected area of your design, so that you can see how the different elements work together as an actual rug.

Here you can compare it to the other colours and furnishings of your interior concept, to make sure it is perfect.

This is another chance for you to make any tweaks or alterations before you decide your rug is ready to go into production.
Hand-knotted Rug

handwoven by artisans

Made with the same craft and technique as rugs of old, your bespoke rug will be steeped in the history of a timeless practice.

Created by hand in the mountains of Nepal, the process starts with carding, where the raw wool is separated out so each fibre becomes straight and workable. The wool is then spun into yarn - it’s desired thickness is chosen and the blank canvas from which we work is ready.

Our Tibetan dye masters work hard in their laboratories to create an exact match to the colours that have been chosen, before the wool is pot dyed and pulled out a day or so later, completely transformed.

After the vibrant and colourful yarns are left to dry out in the raw heat of the Asian sun and a graph image of the design is provided to the artisans, the weaving itself can begin as lines of cotton are tirelessly stretched, looped and knotted.

This is an incredibly long and skilled process where only 10-15 cm of carpet is made each day, meaning a rug can take months or sometimes years to create. Growing in real-time alongside the maker’s everyday lives, these rugs become as much a part of their story as they do yours.
Production finishing


Once the handweaving is complete, your rug is stretched out to the correct size and shape, washed, trimmed and carefully clipped by our master artisans, before finally being checked for any inconsistencies.

Only when we're completely happy with the final piece, the rug is packaged securely using eco-friendly materials, ready to be shipped directly to your doorstep.

the final chapter… Rolling out your rug

As with every story there comes an end, and as your rug travels across the world to its final destination, we update you on the progress until it arrives at your door.

It’s at this point where the magic really unfolds as you roll out your very own personal work art and enjoy the final chapter of a rich and poetic story underfoot.
Bespoke Hand-knotted Rug
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