Bespoke Residential Rugs

a perfect fit with who you are and where you are

Extend your home’s design story with a tailor-made rug that whilst feeling complimentary and familiar, brings an added vibrancy and dynamic to the space.

Your rug will be individually designed and unique to you, a manifestation of your passion, matched only by our passion for delivering designs with distinction.

Crafted with pleasure in mind, your rug will be the sensory highlight of the room, not only fitting perfectly, but also a tangible masterpiece you can feel as well as see, that will turn your floor into a work of art.

Our passion for mid-century modern art was brought to life as a beautiful rug by Studio Knot. The rug was a study into the artistic styles of our favourite painters of that time - it now resides within our home as a unique piece of art that complements our wider collection

Karen Moore - Private Client
Bespoke Wool and Silk Rug

Immerse yourself in an ancient process, allowing your vision and ours to intertwine

From decisions over size and shape, to colour, content and texture, we will involve you from start to finish, defining the specific style and design you want to achieve, whilst working within your specific budget and timeline.

Harmonising the rug’s aesthetic with the chosen room, it will fit in seamlessly and impressively, like an extra jewel in the crown of your home.
Bespoke Hand-knotted Rug
Working closely with you, we will lovingly create a rug that is conceptually elevating yet grounded by our production excellence and ancestral craft.

Your rug will be handwoven by the very best artisan makers in the mountain mills of Nepal, where the magic and history of the region combines with our concept to create a piece of true originality.
Bespoke hand-knotted rug
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