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Dear Rug and Interiors Enthusiast

We are Sinead & Mark Hanlon; a husband and wife, art & design partnership and also founders of Studio Knot.

Our obsession for rugs started on a trip to Cairo with a visit to a carpet weaving mill. Having the privilege to witness first-hand the complete artistry and skill that went into every single knot, within each rug was astounding. We were hooked and became determined to be part of this world.

We left a combined award-winning 17-year career within the art and design industry to become focused on using our established skills to create bespoke rugs using traditional methods.

Marrying these two ideals has allowed us the pleasure of creating artistic rugs for residential and interior design projects all around the world.

We believe that good art & design should incorporate how a rug will be used, to ensure each element will produce a physical and sensory connection with the user and be considered a work of art.

As a studio we have also curated several public art exhibitions, allowing people to see for themselves the level of detail and quality that goes into these beautiful rugs.

Studio Knot is also a project that tackles the climate crisis and the issue of consumer waste slowly choking our planet. We've joined the fight for the future of our children and generations to come by creating rugs that have a responsibility to the environment and the welfare of animals.

We love what we do and feel privileged to have changed so many interiors for the better.

We hope you enjoy our rugs.

Sinead & Mark
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Bruton, Somerset, United Kingdom