Bespoke Persian Rug

celebrate the STORY of your LIFE with a BESPOKE PERSIAN RUG designed for modern times

Celebrate your unique story with a highly personal rug that weaves both the passion and the special moments from your life into its very fabric. 

Your bespoke Persian rug will be a unique piece of history for you to enjoy now, but also by others in the future.

By reinventing a timeless classic for modern times our Persian rugs hold true value and meaning to those who experience them.

Own one of the most highly sought after luxury items, that's been exclusively tailored to you.
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Antique Persian Rugs
Antique Pictorial Persian Rugs

LEAVE a legacy for future generations to discover

Throughout ancient history, some of the world's finest Persian rugs were created to celebrate the lifes of their influential owners. 

Woven into the very fabric of these rugs were beautiful illustrations and intricate patterns that wove the stories and passion from their exciting lives.

By capturing the special moments in history, the stories of these rugs have been retold countless times, as each piece was passed down through generations of new owners, allowing them to step into the past as they stepped onto their rug.

We invite you to do the same and roll out your own unique piece of history that will weave the special moments and passions from your life as an exclusive Persian rug, to be enjoyed now and celebrated by generations to come.
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Example design file of a unique cryptocurrency Persian Rug

Our love of Persian rugs and brutalist architecture was brought together with such skill by Studio Knot, mimicking the Persian style with the starkness of the buildings - to create a truly stunning piece, uniquely crafted for us

Gemma & Ben Bell - Persian Rug & Brutalist Architecture enthusiasts
Bespoke Persian Rug

roll out perfection

Our personalised service is dedicated to delivering artisanal excellence and one-of-a-kind rugs. 

An exclusive, discrete experience intertwines with expert craftsmanship tailored to your individual requirements, to create a unique piece, just for you, woven with the utmost precision and detail.

Everything can be tailored to your exacting specifications from the design of your story to the size, weave and colours throughout the rug. 

This ensures the rug you roll out will fit perfectly into its space.
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Bespoke Persian Rug


Studio Knot is a boutique rug design studio run by Mark & Sinead Hanlon, who have won some of the most coveted awards in the creative industry.

Mark & Sinead offer a personal rug making service for high-end interior projects across the UK and you'll work directly with them as they design and develop your Persian rug.

Their love of rugs started in 2012 by experiencing the beauty and craftsmanship of an extemely old Persian rug. 
Based in Based in Bruton, Somerset, an area of distinct natural beauty as well as a hub for creativity and style;

Their studio is built upon an ethos of combining traditional rug-making methods with innovative design that is narratively personal to the client and of the highest material quality.

The husband and wife team have designing bespoke rugs for residential, interior design and commercial projects around the world since 2012, whilst curating several public art exhibitions on rug making along the way.
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Bespoke Persian Rug Production

Born from the heart, designed and crafted by hand

Not only is it the story of the rug’s content that is celebrated, but the story of how they are made. Two tales in one design.

The human qualities of your passion, desire and stories are reflected in the human craft of hand-made rug weaving, enriching each piece with a tangible texture and soul.

Your Persian rug design will be brought to life by our artisan weavers based in one of the world's most famous mills in Iran, growing bit by bit, day by day, just as life does, allowing its story to unfold thread after intimate thread.
Bespoke Persian Rug Production
Whether you want a traditional rug designed, from a Tabriz to a Heriz or a modern reimagining of the Persian carpet, to create your very own unique style, your rug will tell your story in a way that fits in perfectly with your space, adding a special touch of the extraordinary to the everyday.

These one-of-a-kind rugs prompt people to look twice, giving a feeling of there being more to discover than first assumed. What at first glance appears to be a simple Persian rug, is so much more...

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