Roxane Pronier - 001

Roxane Pronier - 001

from 430.00
  • Flatweave kilim

  • Soft recycled plastic yarn pile made from 1000’s of discarded drinks bottles

  • Reversible

  • Made to order: 8 weeks

  • Only 100 ever made

  • Ethical

Transform your floor into a beautiful work of art and help clean up the planet by rolling out a rug created from over 3000 recycled plastic bottles.

Designed by French artist Roxane Pronier and handwoven by artisans in India using traditional techniques. These limited-edition rugs are created without a pile using special recycled plastic yarn blend that’s as soft and luxurious as wool.

The reversible nature of a flatweave kilim means it can be flipped over to be kept looking fresh and vibrant, and with a little care and attention will be enjoyed for many years to come.

You’ll find a Goodweave label attached to each of our rugs certifying them free from child labour.

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Just this minute arrived. Wow! Wow! Wow! I'll get back to you when I've come down from the ceiling!

Jane Barnard-Smith


About the artist: Roxane Pronier

Roxane Pronier is a French painter living and working in Berlin. Her work belongs to the concrete art movement.

In Roxane Pronier's paintings, colour dominates space, engulfing the audience in a more or less intense way. She works using only the square shape and fourteen colours, on paper or on wooden panels that she builds herself.

The language she creates allows endless possibilities and extends beyond the edges of the painting. This simple language without words, is a language driven only by intuition and creativity, expressed through an almost mechanical process.

This mechanical process behind her work returns full circle within the traditional process of hand weaving, creating each ethical floor art piece.

I have been wanting to try new medias for a while, especially textile which I find so interesting and diverse. I like the idea of mixing a modern design with a very ancient technique, in the great tradition of amazing artists such as Anni Albers, Dorothy Liebes or Alice Kagawa Parrott, with influences coming from African, Oriental and Amerindian cultures.

Knot Collective was a perfect match to try this out, as a small studio that includes and supports valuable craftsmanship and is respectful towards people with those precious skills, which is absolutely necessary. They offer limited editions produced on demand and made with recycled plastic coming from landfills.

The flat-weave technique ensures a long lasting and resistant finished product whose quality doesn’t alter over time. These combined aspects are very important as it is essential to rethink the way we produce and consume. Their process is respectful towards the environment, creating a new object with a low environmental impact as we cannot afford to do otherwise anymore.

Those two very important points (ethical and ecological) are two causes very close to my heart along with making art available to people, to brighten their daily life and give them energy through colours.


Amazing personal service. A beautifully soft and well made rug - and it was delivered by a nice man in a uniform!

Nia Perkins


Every knot, tuft and weave that goes into creating your work of floor art is done by the skilled hand of our artisan weavers.

Artists within their own right, they use ancient techniques passed on through generations and unchanged over time, and so the story of each rug is a complete circle of collaboration. From the graphic artists that use modern techniques to produce each design, The Knot Collective which guide the creative process and then finally the real magic when each design comes to life on the loom.

Reaching across the globe everyone involved in this story stays true to the mindset of slow design, creating our rugs from sustainable materials and using production processes that impact to create positive changes for the environment and human population.

The rug arrived today and we absolutely love it. Quality, softness and colours are fantastic - it's beautiful! 

Pete Mchugh


Recycling single-use plastic into rugs

The Knot Collective mission is taking on the daunting reality of the continuous rise of plastic waste. Owning just one Knot Collective rug comes with the knowledge that you have diverted well over 3,000 plastic bottles away from being dumped on planet earth.

We’ve spent years sourcing the highest quality recycled plastic yarn we could find and it is indistinguishable from wool.

It’s soft the touch, easy to clean and far more light resistant than its counterpart and you’ll never have a problem with moths.

The recycled plastic yarn fibres within each rug are naturally stain-resistant and do not require the chemical treatments used on most nylon carpets, they also retain colour and resist fading from exposure to the sun or harsh cleaning.

Producing the yarn from an existing manufactured product means we do not need to use precious hydrocarbons to make the polyester material.  Reducing energy consumption for manufacturing by 66%, reducing green house gas emissions by over 34% and reducing water consumption by nearly 50%.


I can’t believe how thick and luxuriously soft the pile is. I thought it was wool.

Lucie Flynn


Your rug will empower the fight to end child labour

152 million children are currently the victims of child labour and the choices we make as consumers help determine whether these children are free to have a real childhood or be forced into labour or slavery. Will their hands paint, draw and colour — or harvest, sew and glue? It’s up to us.

As a partner of Goodweave, The Knot Collective is fully opposed to child labour of any nature. Being a member of GoodWeave ensures your rug is ethically made by adult artisans, not children. 

A portion of our profits from every rug sold is donated back into GoodWeave helping to fulfil their mission to create a market demand for certified child-labour-free rugs, monitor supply chains and provide critical services for weaving families.

Goodweave is dedicated to the rescue and education of every child, creating a safe and hopeful environment in which to thrive.  Goodweave will exist until there are no more children to save.

Roxane Pronier - 001
from 430.00
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