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Eco Friendly Rugs

Creating rugs with minimum impact to the planet

It’s time for change. As a species we now have a responsibility to transform things for the better. Over consumption of goods and rampant use of plastic is slowly choking our planet. 
Natrual rugs
Studio Knot is answering this global issue by leading the way in producing high-quality, durable rugs made from sustainable materials. 

Our selection of yarns are created from mountains of plastic waste, discarded fishing nets, sustainably sourced wool or innovative biodegradable materials such as hemp and bamboo.
Hemp Rugs
We ensure every aspect of the production process meets strict ethical and sustainable standards, using recyclable or biodegradable packaging, natural dyes where possible and low carbon courier options around the world.

Our creative conscious design ethos marries technological innovation with heritage and traditional skill, and we welcome you to become part of this positive story and exciting time of change.
Recycled plastic rugs
Studio Knot Bespoke Rugs
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