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Bespoke Rugs

Roll out a work of art, tailored to fit perfectly

Welcome to a world of bespoke, where luxury tailor-made rugs are handwoven to become unique interior elements that will transform your floor into a work of art.

Our bespoke art rug service is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the world's most exciting and innovative residential and hospitality interiors, delivering artisanal excellence, tailored to your exact requirements.
Bespoke Handwoven Rugs

Fusing art with ancient craft

Our rugs are designed in-house by Studio Knot’s award winning founders Sinead & Mark Hanlon. Each rug is then ethically handwoven by artisans whose skill has been passed down through generations. 

We only work with the finest mills in the world, hand-picked for their production excellence and attention to detail.
Bespoke Rug

Your rug will have its very own story to tell

Woven into the fabric of our rugs is a unique and exciting story of creativity, tied together by an idea defined by its surroundings.

This creates, not only a unique work of art tailored to its owner, but also the focal point of a room with a deeper connection to those who experience it.
Flatweave Rug

Be part of the creative journey

The journey of your rug, from concept to completion is rich in art and artisan talent, from the initial ideas through to the very weaving of your carpet. 

Understanding your interior vision is key to developing exciting ideas with a deeper meaning and connection to your project. This higher-level of artistic freedom and thought will create something truly beautiful and unique

Our mood boards will form the basis of your design concepts and here you will find the initial concepts and ideas, any inspiration that’s been gathered, pictures of the room, furnishings, colour palettes and details personal to you and the project.

All feedback will be welcomed, and this informs the development of the design concept until you are 100% happy.
Hand knotted rug

Designing and visualising your rug

Once you are happy with your selected route, we will then develop these initial ideas into a fully-fledged rug designs, incorporating the specific requirements of your project.

Using traditional art and modern design techniques, combined with the latest rug design software available, we then craft and design your rug to create an accurate rendition - knot for knot. 

This enables you to see exactly how your unique rug will look and make any tweaks before it is ready to be woven.
Bespoke Rug Colours

Colour Harmony

Before we send anything to the mill, we’ll take you through our extensive range of over a thousand colour POMS.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the project where you can immerse yourself in colour and create a selection that will complement the chosen palette of your project. 

These colours will then be added to our design software where you can see the final visualisation of your rug before it goes for sampling. It’s at this point we can make any final tweaks to make sure the design is perfect.
Beautiful Rug Samples

Beautiful samples

The POMS have been picked and the design has been finalised - it’s now time to start the all-important sampling stage.

Here a large square sample is woven at our mill from a selected area of your design, so that you can see how the different elements work together as an actual rug. Here you can compare it to the other colours and furnishings of your interior, to make sure it is perfect.

This is another chance for you to make any tweaks or alterations before you decide your rug is ready to go into production
Hand Woven Rugs

The weaving process

The sample in your hand has exceeded your expectations so now comes the exciting moment when you give the go ahead for your rug to be created.

Your beautiful rug will be created by one of the very best mills in the mountains of Nepal, employing only the finest artisan weavers whose ancient craft has been handed down and perfected throughout generations.

Each tiny knot and loop of your rug will be tied and finished by hand in what is a very highly skilled process. This dedication and attention to detail adds to the magical story of your luxury rug.
Rolling out your rug

And finally... Rolling out your rug

Your rug is now ready to be shipped and has been expertly wrapped for maximum safety whilst in transit. We off-set our carbon footprint for all deliveries whilst using only reputable couriers.

As your rug travels across the world we will update you on its progress until it is delivered to your door.

We also have specialist fitting teams on hand for any runners or rugs that may need to be specially fit.
Studio Knot Bespoke Rugs
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