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Bespoke Persian Rugs

Celebrate your life with a Oriental rug personal to you

Welcome to an exciting world of bespoke Oriental rug design, where the exciting moments and passions from your life can be woven into an ancient and celebrated art form - unique to you.

Throughout history, specially designed Oriental carpets were used to celebrate important and influential people by documenting their life experiences and passions with beautiful illustrations that were woven into the fabric of their rug. These personal rugs were highly prized possessions but also became beautiful stories for future owners to enjoy.

We invite you to create your own unique piece of history, that  draws from the very essence of this idea and tell your own unique and exciting story with a rug that's been tailored to fit your interior perfectly.

Illustrating your story

Whether you love riding a horse, or surfing at your favourite beach, climbing a mountain, achieving greatness at work or just something that you are truly passionate about, we'll work closely with you to discover your personal story.

Once your unique story has been decided, we'll illustrate these moments and passions to slowly build the design of your carpet. 

Here you can decide on the style of your rug; from traditional designs or something more modern and contemorary, so that it works in harmony with your space.

It's been an amazing experience to witness how our rug has been made. Truly wonderful

Hand knotted rug

Tailored to your interior

Every aspect of your rug can be tailored right down to the smallest detail; from the design and colour to the size and shape - everything can be modified to suit your project. 

A beautiful sample is also created before the final production. This is so you can make any changes should you wish and ensure that when your final rug is rolled out - it fits perfectly into its space.
Bespoke Handwoven Rugs

Traditionally crafted

Your rug will be meticulously crafted by hand from the dyeing of the yarn to using the traditional Persian hand-knotting technique. 

This form of rug making has been handed down through generations of weavers since time immermorial and your rug will contain over 100,000 tiny knots of yarn, each tied and then cut by hand to slowly form a piece of textile art unrivalled in the world today.
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